Harry’s Game

My friend Harry from our Inksplinters Writers Group has written a book, about a time machine and the exploits of its inventor, and plans to publish it on Amazon. I’ve read it and it’s enormous fun. He has asked me to write a review, as apparently the number of reviews makes a difference in getting a book noticed.

Well, if it’s just the number of reviews that matter…


I’ve read it, and it’s enormous fun. Tinman

It has set literature back fifty years. And then taken it forward two hundred. The Times Literary Supplement

I was sorry when the book ended, because writing it had kept him out of my hair for months. Harry’s wife

He’s a promising young writer. At least he would be if he went back and wrote it when he was forty years younger. AS Byatt (she reviews everything)

Time Travel? Impossible. Doctor Who

We are thrilled for him, and not in the least jealous, envious or raging inside. The Inksplinters Writers Group

I thought of it first. Or not, depending on when he was when he wrote it. HG Wells

A philosophical masterpiece, exploring the effect on the soul of modern-day life, the agonies that haunt the psyche, and the deep innermost condition of humanity itself. That’s the type of book we’re looking for. What, this book? We didn’t read it. The Booker Prize Committee

The type is awfully small. Patricia from the Writers Group (she actually said this)

I’m waiting for the film. That’s because I’m hoping to be in it, I haven’t been in a film for at least four weeks now. Samuel L Jackson

I liked it when he met Hermione and Ron for the first time. Emily, aged 9, who may be thinking of the wrong Harry

And finally…

I’ve read it, and it’s enormous fun. Tinman, ten minutes earlier than the first time


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