All The Fun

WordPress asks us to write an entire post without using three letter words (their prompt actually includes a three letter word, so copying the exact prompt would have brought instant failure, I wonder if they intended that). What counts as an entire post remains unspecified, I could stop at this sentence’s conclusion (nearly blew it there) happy that I have succeeded with their challenge. This feels a touch unsporting, though, so I have given myself a target of eighty words. That’s twenty words fewer than what I originally selected, a figure that would have brought failure.

I am fortunate that “what a waste of my afternoon” is a phrase free of three letter words. That takes me past my target, which means that I am free to snooze my afternoon away in front of this afternoon’s televised football game (which is Fulham v Sunderland, no disrespect to either team but I would wager that even their most dedicated fans will admit that it isn’t exactly Barcelona v Real Madrid, many of them might slumber through it themselves), hopefully waking refreshed enough to enjoy Tinson1’s weekly Skype call.

Done it. Joy.


8 thoughts on “All The Fun

  1. Tinman Post author

    God I read this so many times to check, then realised their prompt, which I quoted, said “any three letter words” so i took any out and added the bit in brackets without checking it.

      1. elspethc

        I spent a whole day walking about talking in my head with cross-outs for the three letter words I would normally use – then I came home, knowing I couldn’t do it. But But But it was a fun day – six in that sentence

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