Awards Night

On the equivalent of this morning in each of the last three years I have written that I am here in Cork/Galway/Belfast for the Irish Blog Awards, how much I’m looking forward to them and how much I’m hoping to meet people who will become blogmates for life, as I did in previous years with Grannymar and Speccy.

It’s six in the evening, I am in Naas (it rhymes with mace) awaiting tonight’s awards, and this is the first mention I’ve made of it. The difference this year is that I am one of the finalists in the Best Humour Blog Category, and quite honestly I don’t know what to say. I was going to say nothing at all, but have realised that just looks weird.

I am remarkably calm about the whole thing, and have achieved this Zen-like state by simply blotting the whole thing from my mind ever since I found out a fortnight ago that I had got this far. Sometimes derealisation has its advantages. I haven’t thought about winning, nor about not winning, though I have just now practised an Oscar-like-I’m-thrilled-for-the-winner smile.

All I can really say is that I hope that it is great fun, that I meet some really great people, that I overcome the shyness that Tinman doesn’t suffer from but that his alter-ego does.

And I hope that the whole event goes really well, as Beatrice, Lorna and Amanda, the three amazing people who have organised it all, deserve it to be a big success.


9 thoughts on “Awards Night

  1. Grannymar

    Alas, I am sitting at home this year nursing my foot and unable to join you merry folk. I’ll admit it is not easy, since it is the first year since 2007 to miss a Blog Awards! 😦 Have a wonderful night and my fingers are well and truly crossed for you.

  2. speccy

    1. Tinman is a bad influence. Do not socialise with him after dark- that’s twice now he’s made me return to my family at a very late hour, and even more of a gibbering idiot than ever.
    2. Tinman is a great influence, and encouragement and a friend. Time flies in his company. Socialise with him any time.


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