Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

My camera is broken, but each week I take on the WordPress Photo Challenge anyway…
It was very cold this morning, but it’s three o’clock now, and it’s a beautiful afternoon. The sun is shining and while there is a coolness in the air, it’s a clean coolness that perfectly complements the warmth of the sunshine, like an iceberg dropped into a volcano, though that metaphor might be a bit strong.

Walking along the riverside’s boardwalk in Dublin’s city centre on an afternoon like this it’s impossible not to feel happy, and I do. I’m not used to being there at this time of the day, watching the sun wink along the ripples of the river and watching people sit contentedly in the sunshine, some reading, some just watching the world go by. There’s a young man of in his twenties sitting with a pipe in his mouth, a real gnarled-old-man’s pipe, and this makes me smile, not because it makes him look daft, though it does, but because he looks so confident with it, as only the young can look.

I can only stay happy by ignoring the reason why I’m strolling along here at this time, which is that I have left work early because I don’t feel well. Both yesterday evening and again at lunchtime today I felt really dizzy, and am on my way to my doctor to see which of my five theories she agrees with:

A: that my blood pressure suddenly rose;
B: that my blood pressure suddenly sank;
C: that I’ve had a panic attack;
D: that someone is spinning my head around in an Exorcist-like fashion;
E: that I’ve been taking E.

Anyway, I’m not worried that it’s serious, I’d just like to find out, so I’ve taken the afternoon off. Generally I’m one of these people who believes that I should only miss work if I’m really unwell (say if I’ve been rolled flat, cartoon-like, by a steamroller), and I feel a bit guilty leaving early.

And a bit guilty that my punishment for skiving off has been a walk full of contentment, and warmth, and beauty.

And that I feel so happy about it.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. Phil

    When I close my eyes, I can picture it clearly, though it makes reading a bit more difficult. You’ve disproved the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve accomplished it with far less and good clarity.

  2. Jo

    Lovely picture! Far lovelier than the last time I walked along it with my kids, and some guy pulled his friends tracksuit bottoms down, exposing his bum and genitals in all their glory, right at my daughter’s head height, JUST as we passed by.

    The sunshine was beautiful today, though, everything was bathed in gold. Maybe even a stranger’s testicles might have been!


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