Weekend Break

Weekend away!

As part of her birthday present (as well as the iron) Mrs Tin and I are in Enniscorthy for the weekend. The Irish readers among you may feel surprised by this, as Enniscorthy is not often mentioned in the same sentence as, say, Paris, unless that sentence is “Enniscorthy is nothing like Paris”.

It’s a small town, but we’re hoping that it will be fun, filled with old pubs and interesting shops, or vice versa.

And the hotel is lovely, which is the main reason I picked it (the other was that we could be there in under an hour). It has a swimming pool, which will compensate for my missing my morning weekend swims in the sea (which may be soon taking a seasonal break anyway, since it’s starting to get a bit nippy). I’ve shied away from swimming in pools since my operations, but have decided to go for it this weekend, lending myself street cred with my three chest scars and my tattoo. People are going to think that I’ve survived a vicious knife fight at sometime in my past, which may come in handy if I arrive at the breakfast buffet at the same time as someone else and there’s only one croissant.

I am also, for the first time ever, going to use a gym. I do get exercise, I have weights, I do press-ups and sit-ups and Tinson1 has a bar at the top of his door on which I do pull-ups, and of course I do swim, but I have never before rowed a boat that isn’t in the water, or trudged along a treadmill going nowhere, unless that’s a metaphor for office life.

Neither have I ever cycled a bicycle that’s up on blocks. I can’t help feeling that it’s a waste of energy that could be utilised in some way.

If they connected me up to the bike it might charge my pacemaker.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Break

  1. Janie Jones

    I find it interesting that your plans for working out get more blog space than your birthday weekend activities with Mrs. Tin… But I suppose presenting her with a buff sweaty man after your workouts leaves one to infer certain exciting birthday activities.

    What?!? I naturally meant a long nap so she could go on a nice shopping trip.

  2. Tinman Post author

    Mrs Tin spent her time sleeping while I was in the gym, since I went first thing both mornings so that I could make an eejit of myself in front of as few people as possible.
    Janie, your description of me as “buff” is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. It also proves that you have never met me.


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