Be vewy, vewy quiet.

Mrs Tin does not like to feature on this blog.

Mrs Tin does not like a fuss being made about her birthday.

Mrs Tin certainly  would not like anyone to know her age.

So this post has never been written, if she ever asks.

But today is a special birthday, for a very special girl.

Happy birthday, Mrs Tin xx


13 thoughts on “Shhhsh

  1. speccy

    Happy Birthday, Mrs Tin, and many many more of them 🙂
    You don’t have your sorrows to seek… If he really did buy you an iron, it will probably count as justifiable homicide

  2. Rose

    “A friend never defends a husband who gets his wife an electric skillet (iron) for her birthday”
    Erma Bombeck
    You’re on your own buddy! Mrs. Tin, I’m sure he got the iron for those magic elves that iron all those dress shirts for work every week! Now what is he really getting you?
    I will be celebrating in 4 days. It will be the twenty-second anniversary of my fortieth birthday! And I better not get another Iron!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to the lovely Mrs. Tin

  3. Tinman Post author

    She is making the point that she will be (insert age here) for an entire 12 months, so trips, gifts, etc can continue to happen throughout that time.

    And just to be totally clear, I DID NOT BUY HER AN IRON.

    (She already has one).


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