Time Difference

We have just finished talking to Tinson1 via Skype, for the first time since he went to North Carolina last week. He looks great, seems really happy, and is getting on great with the two guys who went with him. He  says the heat and humidity are amazing, though he told us this in a hoodie with the hood up, since the Air-con was on in his room and the answer to the riddle “how many physics students does it take to figure out air-conditioning?” seems to be “well, more than three, anyway.”

His twenty-first birthday will take place while he is there, and much mockery was made of him before he left about the fact that, since you’re not allowed to drink until you’re 21 in the States, he would only have 12 days of being able to drink before he came home. He wasn’t that bothered, but now says that he was in the college bar during the week, and that the problem doesn’t exist anyway.

His birthday is November the 8th, so his Trinity College student card gives his date of birth as 08/11/91.

The Americans think he was born on the 11th of August.

8 thoughts on “Time Difference

    1. Tinman Post author

      It’s absolutely brilliant, we’ve had a couple of emails, before he got his internet sorted out in the apartment, but to be actually able to see him and talk to him is just astonishing.
      It’s just like having him here, and we don’t have to cook for him.

  1. elspethc

    I got freaked out earlier this year – skyped the family and they answered on the iphone from a rowing boat in the middle of the pond, kept showing me pictures of the water and one of them leaning over the side. Can’t go anywhere now without being in touch. Good luck to son1 whatever his age.

  2. Tinman Post author

    It can be very revealing when they’re Skyping on something portable. Tinson1 waved his laptop around his room for us, and we were able to see, which he hadn’t mentioned, that he was sleeping on the floor, because their furniture isn’t arriving until today.

  3. Patti

    That’s fabulous – I wouldn’t have thought about that – but then it’s been rather a long time since I had to worry about anyone thinking I was under 21.
    I’m glad you have skype for this part of your son’s adventure in life – I’m sure it makes things much easier – except for the whole figuring out what time it is part.


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