Hand Relief Again

I have never re-blogged an old post before, but since I seem to have sprained my left wrist in my sleep I can’t really type anything (it’s taken four minutes already just to get to here), so here is a post called Hand Relief, that  I wrote the last time I hurt my wrist….


Today’s post starts with a plea for sympathy, which I have a feeling I’m not going to get.

I think I have Repetitive Strain Injury in my right hand.

Already I can sense the giggling bubbling out across the internet, as my virtual friends treat this news with the same ribald hilarity as my pubmates did. I have received a number of suggestions in my local as to what might have caused this, and to say that there is a recurring theme to these suggestions is putting it mildly.

I have pointed out to them that I am not, in fact, a fourteen-year old schoolboy, and that there are a number of activities that could cause such an injury, such as sword-fencing, bell-ringing or staking vampires through the heart. They in turn have pointed out that I don’t actually take part in any of those activities, and I in turn have pointed out oh, shut up.

I think that I actually got it at work from using the mouse so much, since whenever I put my hand on the mouse now the pain seems to sit around my hand like a glove. I (*sigh*) shook it off at first, but the pain is becoming more consistent, and now I’m finding it hard to grip things (oh come on).

In an attempt to ease the pain in my hand (hence the post title, of course) I decided to use Voltarol Gel, the one that’s used in the Tinhouse whenever we have muscle pains. The tube that we had was empty (but had been carefully put back in the cupboard by whoever used it last), so I went to the pharmacy to buy a new one.

I’ve noticed a welcome development in my local pharmacy recently that, if you order some well-known product, they will offer a similar generic product that’s cheaper. This is what happened when I asked for the Voltarol, so now I have a tube of this:

Now, I’m full of praise for companies making generic products cheaper by cutting costs, but I have to say that had just a teeny amount of money been spent on branding or market research they might not have come up with the name above.

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve to rub it in three times a day. We might as well continue the theme the whole way through.

Thank you all for your concern.


7 thoughts on “Hand Relief Again

  1. vivinfrance

    It sounds as though you have a classic tendonitis, which I get regularly from too much mousing. I have a wrist support thingy called a Thuasne Medical Poignet Dynastab Dual, Ref. 7040, which I got from the pharmacy, but you can get them online, too. When the wrist gets bad, I wear it day and night for a couple of days and the pain and weakness disappear like magic.

  2. A Frend

    I get it too. My solution is to swap the mouse to the other side of my keyboard. One gets used to left-handed mousing surprisingly quickly.

  3. grannymar

    Sympathies and thanks for the laugh. I broke my mousing wrist(right) some years ago and very quickly learned to use the left one. Now with the laptop I find I use either hand to scroll and click.

  4. Rose

    I too broke my wrist, twice. Once falling out of the bath tub and once falling into the bathtub. Just call me Grace! Once, I just pointed down the road to give directions and it swelled as badly as when I broke it. My son bought me three things (he’s a sweet son). A set of miracle blade knives because my hobby is cooking. And obviously I wasn’t chopping properly! The second was a wrist brace with splints. So when I have a flare up I wear it a day and a night. It’s amazing how much that helps. It leaves horrible Velcro marks on my face but looking like Quasimodo is a small price to pay for pain relief! The last and final one that I told you about is a mouse pad with a gel support for your wrist. It really works, get one!


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