When You’re Spoken To

The Daily Post’s  Weekly Writing Challenge for this week’s is called “Listen To The Voices In Your Head”. This sounds interesting, but when you read the actual challenge it seems to be something about grammar.

Sadly, none of the voices in my head have any opinion on grammar. To them a Split Infinitive is something that happens in Star Trek, Present Tense is a feeling you get when given socks on Christmas Morning and a Dangling Participle is something you really should have a doctor take a look at.

But I have, as instructed, listened to the voices, and here is who they are and what they are up to at the moment:

Optimistic Me, who is thinking “cheer up, it might never happen”.

Pessimistic Me, who is thinking “Oh God, it might never happen”.

Doe Ray Me, who is always singing some song or other at the back of my mind. At the moment it’s the Theme Music from The Jetsons.

Super-size Me, who is wishing that I could be a bit taller.

Nakato Me, who wants me to watch Die Hard again.

Oh Dearie Me, who would like to apologise for that last joke.

Please Please Me. Don’t ask.

Can’t Get Me Out Of My Head, who is thinking about Kylie.



Sorry, for a minute there we were all thinking about Kylie.

There is also:

My Black Dog, who is asleep at the moment, so let’s not wake him.

My Inner Child, who at the moment is scribbling on the inside of my skull with a crayon.

My Inner Muse, who is wondering how she got stuck with me instead of someone like Keats.

My Inner Tube, who thinks I’m a bicycle tyre.

Meg, a mother of five from West Cork, who keeps telling me to eat my greens. I think she’s just here on holiday.

My Inner Child’s Imaginary Friend, which is just a teeny bit worrying.

and finally, It’s Time To Come In For Your Tea Me, who is thinking that this post has gone on long enough.


14 thoughts on “When You’re Spoken To

  1. Patti

    I don’t suppose that’s exactly what the daily post folks had in mind for this assignment, but it seems that most of these voices are not passive, so grammar-wise, you got the job done.


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