Water Babies

As the Olympics have started (I am Official Stud-muffin to the 2012 Games – well, jointly with Beckham) we were given three sports photos to choose from as our prompt at Saturday’s Inkslingers Workshop. This is the one I chose…


via bleacherreport.com

In most respects they were like all of the other teams – identical goggles identical clothes-pegs on their nose, identical teeth-filled, almost manically cheerful smiles. If all the Osmonds in all the towns in all the world had simultaneously been asked to say “cheese” you wouldn’t have seem gleaming toothy whiteness like that.

They did the same moves as all the rest, heads popping-up and turning at the same time like a group of children hearing an ice-cream van. They hovered with arms and legs at unbelievable angles, their legs in particular in positions that made men cross theirs uncomfortably as childhood memories of crashing onto bicycle crossbars were awakened.

But they were better than the others. In a sport where there are only three basic moves – wave, swim or impersonate a starfish, you have to do something different to stand out.

The photo that appeared in the papers the following day showed the in all their remarkable synchronicity, but had one major flaw. It was printed upside down.

The Band of Angels’ Olympic Synchronised Swimming Olympic Team won the gold by performing their routine dancing on the water.


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