Going Swimmingly

I am not at work today.

Since about last Friday I have had a headache that I just cannot shake off. I have been able to stun it into submission with paracetamol, but it struggles up after about two hours and comes back, nagging me from inside with its dull ache.

Yesterday at work I just got fed up with it, didn’t feel that I should take yet more tablets and so I just came home and lay down in  a dark room. I woke at work time this morning, realised that it was still there and so took today off too.

It seems to be coming from tension in my neck and upper shoulders. I have an exercise where I hold my left hand above my right ear and pull my head over to the right, and then vice versa. For the last few days I’ve only been able to move it a couple of inches.

One fairly obvious answer would be to go for a swim in our local leisure centre, but I am not comfortable exposing my torso to other people. It has three visible  though unattached scars, as though I was attacked by Zorro when he was drunk, and the pacemaker is a visible lump which makes me look like a cartoon character who has swallowed a tennis ball.

I was bemoaning these issues to Mrs Tin when she said “why not swim in the sea”. It turns out that she was only joking, but should have learnt by now not to do that. I sat in the garden in the sunshine, thought about it for a while, then came back into the kitchen and announced that I was going for it.

And I did. I walked down our beach (an uncomforable experience, there is a reason why our town is called Greystones and not Goldensands), left my clothes and towel in a little pile (the disadvantages I mentioned above were advantages here, when you have three scars and a tattoo no-one is going to steal your stuff) and strode manfully in.

It was cold, I can’t deny that, and I am sorry that I premiered the made-up word “Numbits” in yesterday’s post since it has a far more relevant place in today’s, but it was great. I swam for a few strokes, let waves fall over me, went and sat on the beach just at the water-line, so that the water would lap over and under my legs, and then did it all again.

At one stage the pockets of my shorts filled with air and I remembered that the Tinfamily, on holidays in Majorca or Malta long ago, used to refer to these as “side-butts”, thus adding nostalgia to an already fun experience.

I’ve been home about an hour now and have already eaten a bowl of strawberries with custard, three Jaffa cakes and a tomato-filled bagel. I am still starving.

And my neck is slightly better, I can roll it from side-to-side now without getting that sound as if a platoon of soldiers is marching on gravel.

It’s 1.20 now and I have an afternoon stretching in front of me that consists of blogging in the sun, reading in the sun and snoozing in the sun. If you’re going to pick a day to be sick, then try and pick a lovely one.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow, hopefully far browner than when I left there yesterday. I hope they understand.

11 thoughts on “Going Swimmingly

  1. Jo

    Lovely! I went to Magheramore today, lovely beach. Experience only slightly marred by my emotionally disturbed daughter’s hysterics. I did manage to forget my suit because of them, though, so only paddled. half glad I didn’t have to force myself in, half sad. It’s gorgeous down there, I thoroughly recommend it.

  2. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy

    I have a prescription for Imitrex. I know how the migraine thing goes. Much better having the script at home than being stuck at the ER or Urgent Care getting shots for the pain. Last year, the monsoons in AZ totally killed me, and I ran through at least 10 of them. So far this year, I’ve been ok. Hang in there, I’m glad you were able to have a day in the sun to catch your breath. And I say you should have shown your torso in public… I’ve spent my entire life worrying about what other people think or living my life to try to make other people happy… only to be miserable. Now I do & say what I want (within respectful boundaries not to infringe on others rights, obviously)… and I certainly don’t apologize for being me! Hope the headache is gone for a long time… 🙂

  3. Janie Jones

    Hope your feeling tip top again soon. As a tension headache sufferer caused by neck and shoulder issues myself, I found that when a lovely constitutional in the sea not an option, a couple doses of Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and a sock filled with dry rice and warmed for about a minute and a half in the microwave then worn as a stole and applied at least once a day is a more than suitable compromise. Finally though, when the pain moved down from my neck and into my middle back I gave up “toughing it” and saw a good chiropractor and I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it a long time ago. Next time don’t let yourself suffer so long, have a “sick” day in the surf sooner!

  4. grannymar

    I would love to be able to do that, but cold water would turn me blue and I would need the kiss of life to revive me. Well, that is my excuse! Glad you feel the benefit of the day.


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