Mixed Emotions

Sidey’s Weekend Theme is “ambivalence”…


He’d be here in a minute.

He’d come through that door, greet her warmly, and act as if nothing had happened, as if it hadn’t been six weeks since she’d last heard from him. He’d tell her some incredible story about where he’d been.

The annoying thing was that the story would be true. His job took him all over the world, while she stayed here, waiting, wondering if this time would he come back at all.

And wondering why she was still here for him, why she hadn’t moved on, why she hadn’t found someone more attentive, more caring, more, well, safe.

He made her laugh. People always say that’s important about a man, but in the same way they say that a girl “has a wonderful personality”. What the sentence means is “not very attractive”.

The thing was that he was attractive, maddeningly so. Women would throw themselves at a man like him. While he was on his travels they probably did.

She never asked. She was afraid to hear the answer.

He was childish. He drove too fast, drank too much, got into fights – oh, lots of fights. But he was also manly – strong, brave, willing to stand up for what was right.

He could be thoughtless, sometimes astonishingly so, and he could be kind, sometimes astonishingly so.

And he did make her laugh, and think, and love, and sometimes he made her want to hit him in the face with a frying-pan.

He drove her wild, sometimes with desire, sometimes not. She loved him, and she hated him because she loved him, and because she knew that she could never be with anyone else but him.

And because she wasn’t with him. She wasn’t his wife, she wasn’t even his girlfriend, they just worked together. She wondered did that make her sad. Or pathetic. Or a stalker.

It was nine o’clock. The office door opened, and there he was.

“Hello, Moneypenny,” he said.


7 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. Jo

    This is great, I kind of wish it stood up on its own instead of the joke at the end because it was so good. Good insight into poor Msh Monneypenny, though. A sad tale.


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