Than I’ll Ever Know

Having told you all that Tinson1 and I were going on the beer last Friday because his exam results were coming out, I should really have let you know that he passed them.

He will start Fourth Year Physics in September, and must begin by carrying out a nine-week project.

The one he has chosen is “3D Optical Architecture for very high efficiency solar collection“ (I know, piece of piss, but then kids don’t have it as tough these days as we did back in the day, when we had to learn Latin, Viking and Fletching).

This project will not take place in his own Trinity College, though, a mere train ride from our house. It is in Wake Forest University.

In North Carolina.

I must confess that all I know about North Carolina is that it is above South Carolina, and even that is based on logic rather than actual geographical knowledge. But since he got the news yesterday we have consulted (possibly for the first time ever) our huge Atlas of the World and have learnt that he will be getting up five hours later than I do (no change there), that the state’s capital is Raleigh, that it has humid subtropical temperatures, and does not appear to be populated by bears, alligators or any of the other creatures which make other US States so entertaining in movies, though less so when your son is going to live there.

Needless to say he can’t wait, and we are delighted for him.

Although it carries the term “furthering one’s education” to a whole new level.

9 thoughts on “Than I’ll Ever Know

  1. danbohmer

    That is great news for him. He is in for an enjoyable cultural experience unlike anything I am sure he could find on your side of the Atlantic. I lived in NC for 4 years (I am a Minnesota native) and it was an awakening for me 😉

    It really is a pretty decent place and if I liked hot humid weather (which I despise) I would consider living there.

  2. vivinfrance

    Living in another country for a while is the biggest factor in broadening the mind. I hope he has a fabulous time. The Carolinians are the most hospitable folk, as my daughter discovered when she spent some time there in her teens.

  3. Pseu

    “3D Optical Architecture for very high efficiency solar collection” – I understand the individual words. It’s when you put them together in that order that I start to have a problem…..but then I remember that problem from A level economics. (That wasn’t my best decision ever. But the teacher was nice. I got a D)

  4. Tom (Aquatom1968)

    Yes, great news Tinman! I don’t think we did that 3d Optical thing when I was in school… or we could have, but I was off that day. I’m sure he’ll do well if he’s willing to travel so far to do it!

  5. Patti

    Congratulations Tinson! That is amazing news. North Carolina is lovely – I’m actually headed there for part of my summer vacation next week. Best wishes to the whole family as you make ready for this adventure.

  6. speccy

    Go, Tinson1 ! Great news 🙂
    I failed O level physics (which by ConDem reckoning reckoning is probably degree level, but that was in old money) so I can’t help with the 3d optical sunshine whatever, but I’m sure North Carolina will be fabulous!


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