A Toast To Success

There are now only two days on which I drink.

One is Christmas Eve morning (morning?!?). This is one of the Tinfamily traditions. Ever since Tinson1 was about eight we have gone to my local pub (I am an excellent father and role model) on Christmas Eve morning, he wraps whatever presents he has got for his two younger siblings, we wrap my present for Mrs Tin, and I have one or two drinks to prepare myself for that evening, when I will be surrounded by presents, mystified by instructions, bereft of batteries, and bleeding from the thumb from the incorrect use of a screwdriver.

When we arrive the owner has a scissors and a sellotape-dispenser on the counter waiting for us. Sometimes outsiders get sucked into your family traditions too.

The other day is the day on which his college exam results come out. This tradition has not been running for as long (obviously, he didn’t start college at eight) but means a lot to me. When he passed First Year I thought he would celebrate wildly with his friends, but the results for different subjects come out on different days so apparently wildness was not taking place and he actually had nowhere to go. I said to him “well, I’ll be in the pub watching France play Uruguay in the World Cup if you want to join me”, and to my surprise he did.

And to my great pride and welling-upness, when he passed Second Year and Mrs Tin asked him what he planned for the evening, he said “I’m going out with Dad”.

His Third Year results come out today, and again we are going out together. It’s 8am as I write this, I don’t know at this moment whether he has passed or not, but either way we will go out this evening, and chat, and bond, and have fun, and I will yet again wonder and rejoice at the fact that this wonderful young man is part of my life.


9 thoughts on “A Toast To Success

  1. The Wanderlust Gene

    I’m so happy for you both. Fingers crossed there will be cause for celebration, but it’s great you’ll have this time together, irrespective. Made me a little weepy, and sentimental, but I won’t go into that!

  2. Janie Jones

    Tin, how wonderful you have such a great relationship with Tinson1. It’s truly a thing to treasure. I’m happy for you both… Hope the results came out swimmingly, but I’m sure they would.


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