Being Kind

It’s been a busy couple of days. I’ve spent a day being silent (easier than I thought, and oddly relaxing), spent that evening watching Ireland play Croatia, and so being pretty silent yet again, spent the following day at work talking about being silent, and about Ireland playing Croatia, then spent yesterday morning at the dentist, talking about Ireland playing Croatia with my mouth wide open (“I haw ee ere hit”).

Along with all of this I have to practice the final mindfulness exercise before tomorrow’s last class. This one is called “Loving Kindness”. I have to select four people and then think positively about them. One must be me (no problem there, I’m gorgeous), one must be a close friend, one must be someone I see regularly but don’t know (I’ve a picked a man who sits quietly reading on my bus, I’m hoping it’s not this that he’s reading) and someone who gets on my nerves. For this I’ve picked another guy off my bus, a man my age who barges past everyone at the stop in the evening to be first on and who once, when sitting behind me, sneezed on the back of my head. I’ve to think about all four of us individually and then together, thinking kind thoughts towards us all.

I’ve just tried it.

I should have picked someone who gets on my nerves less.


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