Weekly Drawing Challenge: Hands

It’s been a while since I’ve done the Weekly Drawing Challenge. I missed last week’s, for example, which was “Blue”, but in case any of you felt cheated, here you go:

There are some drawing challenges that even I can’t mess up.

I’m not doing the Photo Challenge, but I am posting this one photo, which is relevant in as much as there are hands in the picture:

Janie is in the Irish Times.

For my drawing I have a real-life model to, well, hand. I have placed my left hand on the sketchbook, it is stone-still, as any good model should be, and is also naked, again as any good model should be.

And this is what I’ve come up with:

It does look a bit as if someone has blown up a surgical glove, but it’s not too bad.

So all would be fine, if the challenge was “Hand”. Unfortunately, though, it’s plural, so my left and right hands have had to switch roles. The right is now the model, the left is now the artist, and this is the result:



Now we know how God created Norway.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drawing Challenge: Hands

  1. Pseu


    Strangely I can draw with my right hand almost as well as with my left. (I am left handed) Neither is a good drawing hand though. Never tried with my feet though….

  2. laughykate

    I shouldn’t read your blog just as I have sat down at my desk with my coffee. Inevitably you make me snort and everyone looks at me like I’m a mental.

  3. Janie Jones

    While naturally I’m impressed by your hand-i-work, I am totally tickled pink to be in the Irish Times. I also happen to like the combination of headlines, “Former FG Councillor Guilty of Corruption… 10 Reasons to Be A Feminist.”


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