Hi Mum

My Mum died back in 1987. She was 55 at the time, which the 29-year old idiotic  me thought was a  reasonable age. Now that I am 54 I am realising just how young she was and just how much more life she should have had.

She would have loved the Tinkids (thankfully my brother had two children before she died so she did have the pleasure, however briefly, of being a grandmother).

She would have loved the fact that Tingirl took her name as her Confirmation Name, honouring a granny that she never met.

She would have loved what I do here. She was always full of support and encouragement for my attempts at writing, even just the essays I’d write at school.

Today is her 80th birthday, which is why I am thinking especially about her.

Happy Birthday, Mum.



11 thoughts on “Hi Mum

  1. Tin niece

    Being the oldest tin granddaughter I did have the gift and absolute pleasure of having the greatest sweetest lady if even for a short time as my granny. In that short time I still have so many wonderful memories of our times together. Picnics, knickerbockerglory ice creams, our first trip on the dart. How many times does a gran sit through “The sound of Music” or “Mary Poppins” to hear as the final credits are rolling ” can we watch it again gran” and she always would, it was never a problem
    Thinking of granny lots all day on her birthday and also every other day, A true Star *

  2. Pseu

    It’s strange how our perception of age changes as we age, hey?

    Yesterday was my Dad’s. He died in 1993, at 65, before my eldest was born – likewise, he would be pleased that I try my hand at writing as he rather liked writing creatively as well.

  3. Tinman Post author

    Thank you, all of you for your lovely kind words.

    And Tin niece, hi and welcome along. I’m glad you remember her so well, and I’m glad you remember the little things, they are what building childhood memories are all about.

    I also hope you realise just how much pleasure you and your brother gave her during her last years. She truly loved you both, and being with both of you gave her real joy.

    Uncle Tin xx

  4. speccy

    Ah, Hi Tinmum! We’re delighted you encouraged his writing; we’d be lost without it. he’s clever and funny and loves his family as much as you did. You did a great job there 🙂

  5. elspethc

    Oh yes – I can feel this one. The mums are here as long as we remember them, and imagine what they would have made of internet and blogs and all the other stuff. Thanks for writing this, Elspeth


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