Mindfulness Course – Week 1


On Thursday I mindfully ate a raisin.

As I report on my Mindfulness Course over the coming weeks it may appear that I am making fun of it. This is not what I will be doing, I think already that the course is fascinating and I have real hopes that it will make a difference to my life, especially my mental one.

I will, however, be making fun of my attempts to fulfil its demands.

So anyway, on Thursday we were each given a raisin and told that we were going to eat it mindfully. We were to look at it, be mindful of its shape and colour, then smell it, then very slowly eat it, being aware of all of the tastes, sensations, memories that this might provoke.

Unfortunately back at step one I looked at the shape and colour of the raisin and found that it reminded me of a dried snot. This was then what my mind was full of during the rest of the exercise.

I have a long way to go.


8 thoughts on “Mindfulness Course – Week 1

  1. A Frend

    I really hope mindfulness helps, and given that you have that problem with derealisation, it may be exactly the right thing for you. However, it is possible (not likely, but possible) for mindfulness practice to intensify depression, so be wary. Or rather, mindful – if things seem to be getting worse, that’s one possible cause, that’s all.
    Like I said, it sounds much more likely that this will be really helpful to you.

  2. Janie Jones

    If your raisin reminded you of dried snot, I sincerely hope you were given a golden raisin, because if your snot is black I think there are some other problems you might want to be mindful of…

  3. Nicola

    PS when I restarted meditation last year, I listened to one which had a visualisation on peace where it mentioned – can’t remember exactly, but I think – about a ball that would glow towards the person or thing that was not peaceful and I visualised picking up my ball and it exploding rather hard than was necessary but rather beautiful with glowing bits over someone’s head.

    I haven’t visualised that since and I have found it easier as time has gone on (http://www.themeditationpodcast.com/) they are lovely people who provide these for free.


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