Mindful Of My Health

I am going to a Mindfulness Course this evening, as the latest sortie in my battle against derealisation. I’m hoping that it’s going to be the classrooom equivalent of the Inner Peace found by Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 (I’m sorry, I actually sat down last Sunday morning to watch something else, but that came on and next thing I was hooked).

 It’s on for the next six Thursdays and one all-day Sunday, though I’m not sure that my mind is as big as they think it is. This means that I am missing several Euro 2012 football matches and one semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, so it had better be good.

The blurb claims that the course will aid anyone prone to stress, depression, rumination and low or anxious moods, or who struggles to experience calm and psychological well-being.

They should have just called it the Tinman course.


7 thoughts on “Mindful Of My Health

  1. elizabeth lenox

    much enjoy your posts but can’t resist saying I thought rumination was something cows do

  2. Elaine

    It sounds interesting. Is it called Mindfullness because you start the course with your mind full and finish with it less full, having got rid of the anxious moods, stress etc? I hope it’s helpful, considering what you will have given up in order to attend it!

  3. kateshrewsday

    Ruminants are indeed cows but ruminating is defined in the dictionary as pondering…me, I like to combine both and say I’m chewing the cud.

    Sounds a great course to me. Hope you end up thinking so too, Tinman.

  4. Tinman Post author

    Thanks for all the kind words, i’m actually quite hopeful about it.
    There will be bulletins as the course progresses.


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