Another Year Older

When I published my 1,000 post a couple of months ago, I included this drawing:

Some of you were less than complimentary. Pseu reckoned it was a fuzzy fez, Viv thought it was a hairbrush, Tilly said it was a steaming dog bowl. All quite insulting and, even more annoyingly, funnier than anything I had written in the actual post.

It’s what started my Weekly Drawing Challenge, where I resolved to draw WordPress’s photo topic each week.

This is the first chance I’ve had to draw something for a second time, the first chance to see if I’m getting any better. So you can decide for yourselves whether this cake (yes, cake) is better than the last one:

Before you all get your evil commenting pens out, let me be the first to admit, now that I look more closely at it, that it does resemble the Titanic after a heavy lunch.

Anyway, why have I set myself up for a good slagging again?

Because my blog is four years old today.


13 thoughts on “Another Year Older

  1. Elaine

    I think you have clearly refined your drawing style… the use of colour brings the picture alive, giving us a sense of being there… your lines are more controlled and show a greater sense of purpose … 😉
    Happy 4th birthday!

  2. elspethc

    Just been to the dentist, it is cold and wet here, was feeling a teeny bit sorry for self, opened up tinman to catch up with the last week’s blogs and am now trying hard not to laugh so much because the spit is flying out the side of my mouth. Happy anniversary and Happy birthday tinson2, Elspeth

  3. Patti

    A day that definitely deserves a celebration! The bright color of the flames decidedly identifies the drawing as a birthday cake. Just don’t let it near any icebergs.


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