About A Boy (Again)

Today is Shakespeare’s birthday (and also his anniversary, dying on your birthday is a real tragedy, the kind of thing that would happen in, well, Shakespeare). Not a lot is known about the man, other than that he is the world’s greatest playwright, writer of some of the most famous sayings and phrases of all time.

Today is also Tinson2’s birthday. He may be a household name only in our household, but his use of language is every bit as impressive as Shakespeare‘s

For example, a day at school, an evening with friends or his performance in an exam would all be compared by him to a summer‘s day, describing all of them as “fine“.

When asked when Mrs Tin and I were going to meet his girlfriend (effectively, when shall we three meet) his answer was a pithy “eh, never”.

And do any of Shakespeare’s characters reply to a question like “pray, whither goest thou?” with an answer as expressive as “out”?

Tinson2 could be described as laconic, were it not for the fact that the word has too many syllables. He is laid-back to the point of being horizontal. Yet he is brave and determined when it comes to standing up for what he believes is right. Many of these beliefs relate to his hairstyle, the time he should go to bed at and how long a shower should last, but he detests unfairness in all forms and will firmly express his opinions on any situation in which he believes somebody is being hard done by.

He refuses to watch the X-Factor, for instance, not because it’s shite, but because the unkind comments infuriate him.

Tinson2 is seventeen today. He is smart and charming, relaxed, independent and friendly. He is a typical teenager, and that is a true compliment, as in so may ways they represent humanity at its most interesting and interested, at its most open and most idealistic.

We are proud of him and love him.

Happy birthday, son.


8 thoughts on “About A Boy (Again)

  1. laughykate

    Oh! I just got goosebumps reading that, Tinman. What a lovely post. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINSON2! I hope you get to sleep long, talk little and get spoiled thoroughly.

  2. grannymar

    Gosh birthdays come awfully fast in your house. If I lived under your roof I’d be 194 by now!1

    Tinson2 Enjoy ‘Out’ and keep the old folk guessing about the girl of the moment!

  3. Tilly Bud

    Happy Birthday Tinson2!

    Great post. I disagree with one point, however – I like the idea of dying on my birthday; it’s so neat.

    What if I die the day before my next birthday? They will say I’m 48 but the truth is I’ll be one day short of 49. That seems a little dishonest to me.

    And if I die on my birthday, my boys will have only one anniversary to forget to visit my grave, instead of two. I’ll be less upset.

    No, Shakespeare got it right.

    Except he didn’t, really: they estimate his birthday from his baptism record; they don’t know exactly when he was born. It was obviously decided upon by someone as anal as me (as I, I should say).

    And did you St George – who shares the day with Will – was actually Turkish? I’m betting he didn’t slay any dragons either. Icons! You can’t trust a thing they say.

    I wonder if I should just copy and paste this for today’s post?

  4. Tilly Bud

    Please insert a ‘know’ after ‘you’ and before ‘St George’, then delete this comment; or my head will implode.*

    *Not explode: an exploding head is much too vulgar for this Brit.

  5. Jo

    I just love your comments on your kids’ birthdays, and on them, so much. Will you do mine tomorrow, please, as a surrogate, because I don’t have anyone else who would, and my zoo plans are looking likely to be all washed out. Sniff.

  6. speccy

    I don’t think there are enough birthdays in your house. Your heartwarming words on those days are so wonderful and warm and cuddly. Not that Tinson2 is going to let you do cuddling…


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