Weekly Drawing Challenge: Journey

I just couldn’t do it to her again.

I was so tempted just to put in this drawing:

tell you all that the picture represents The Proclaimers and let you fill in the blanks yourselves, but poor Laughykate has been here almost since the beginning of this blog, and this would have been about the fifth time I’d have stuck the song I Will Walk Five Hundred Miles in her head for the day, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So ignore everything above, though what’s to come is almost worse. For my drawing I will need the evil Fu Manchu:

and the mad helicopter-pilot from the A-Team:

Put them together and you get one of the worst jokes in the history of the universe:

It’s Murdock On The Orient Express.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Drawing Challenge: Journey

  1. laughykate

    TINMAN!!!! Crap, and it’s only morning here. I’ve got a entire day to live through that blurry song on high rotate in my brain. How come you can do that to my day from the other side of the world? How does that work?!!!


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