A Day At The Races

It’s Grand National Day again. Those of you who have been coming here for a while will know that there is a bet of sorts in the Tinhouse, in that each of us gets one horse and the one that finishes highest gets one euro from me, with the prize-purse being doubled if your horse actually wins the race.

The difference between our system and normal betting is that you do not get to select your own horse, it is chosen for you by committee based on how closely the horse’s name suits you.

For example, Tingirl, the acting student, is being given State of Play.

Tinson1 gets Tharawaat, purely because of the fact that he is doing Physics at Trinity and the word sounds scientific.

Tinson2 is getting Sunnyhillboy because of the merry way that he bounds out of bed in the mornings (sarcasm quite often features in these selections).

In the week that I got not one but two pairs of glasses, making me not just a Speccy-Four-Eyes but a Speccy-Six-Eyes, I’ve been given Becauseicouldntsee.

Finally, Mrs Tin is getting Always Right.



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