Weekly Drawing Challenge: Arranged

This challenge is illustrated by WordPress with a bowl of oranges,  and there can be no doubt that the words “arrangement” and “fruit” go together like the words “porridge” and “yuck” (I don’t know why I always get get so much stick from my readers when I disparage porridge (actually, they should call it disporridge), it is the world’s only grey food).

Anyway, while I disagree with his views on aural dismemberment there is little doubt that VanGogh was a better artist than I am, so if a bowl of fruit was good enough for him then it’s good enough for me.

So entirely from memory (by this I mean that I do not have a bowl of fruit in front of me, I’m not implying that fruit is a distant memory, I take my .5 a day like everyone else), here is my attempt:

I feel that some explanation is needed so I’ve done a chart, rather like the one the Beatles had to do to explain who everyone on the front cover of Sgt Pepper was.

So, A is for apple, and B for banana. C is for orange (a source of Vitamin C) and from there on logic goes out the window.

D is for pineapple, put in before I realised just how hard it is to draw a pineapple.

E is French bread, because Hollywood tells us that any collection of food will contain French bread.

F is a tomato, because Pomologists say that it is a fruit and not a vegetable. They are of course wrong, but God love them, they spend their lives staring at melons, not euphemistically either, so I haven’t the heart to point that out to them.

G is a kumquat. I have no idea what one looks like, but it is a funny word, like aardvark, so I have drawn an aardvark instead, although I’ve no real idea what one of them looks like either.

H is a pig’s head. You’ll need somewhere to put the apple.

Finally, I is a tin of prunes (I may call my autobiography that), because the whole thing looks a bit tightly jammed, and the prunes may help ease this.

So, I’ve drawn a bowl of fruit. As far as I know, in art classes the next topic is to draw nudes.

Can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Drawing Challenge: Arranged

  1. Jo

    I is a tin of prunes! Perfect!

    I once tried to model a pineapple from play dough during a game of Cranium, and my daughter disparraged my efforts. My son recognised it though, which was the important bit.

  2. Janie Jones

    It took me 5 minutes to calm down enough from laughing to type this comment. While I got rolling at G is for Kumquat, “Finally, I is a tin of prunes (I may call my autobiography that), because the whole thing looks a bit tightly jammed, and the prunes may help ease this.” is what killed me.

    I’ve never had porridge, so I can’t comment on it’s yuckiness, but if it’s half as bad as corn pone, it’s bad enough.


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