I Yam What I Yam

Yesterday’s post did not come from the ancient hallowed halls of the Tinhouse. It came from the ancient hallowed halls of here:

A scaffolded, could-fall-down-at-any-second building.

Crikey, you should have stayed in the Tinhouse, I hear you say, at least it doesn’t have scaffolding.

This sign may make the reason more clear:

I joined the place a couple of months ago, and this was the first time I’d been there. They had some ad on the radio, I looked up their website and suddenly found myself filling in the membership form. I’ve been getting emails about courses, emails about readings and then got an email that yesterday was a day filled with seminars and workshops, so I went along.

I ended up in a creative writing workshop, where we were given a theme (Communication) that we wrote about for half-an-hour, then people read their efforts aloud and the girl running the course commented about what they’d written.

(I chickened out, my excuse is that it’s been so long since I’ve written with an actual pen that the crapness of my handwriting astounded me, plus I had so many crossings-out, and words and even whole sentences stuck in between others, that I reckoned I wouldn’t be able to find my way through the maze of scribble, but to be honest I was terrified).

Joining the Centre was a small way of telling myself that, though I do have another job, though I’ve never written a book and never earned a halfpenny (not that that would do much good, they went out in 1972) from writing*, I am still a writer.

Though not in long-hand.


*(actually, I’ve just remembered that’s not strictly true).

9 thoughts on “I Yam What I Yam

  1. vivinfrance

    I know what you mean about the scribble/crossings out/asterisked insertions. But stick with it: if you have time, re-write a second version. Reading in company is terrifying at first, but can be an educational experience in itself, and often a joyful one. Do go again.

  2. Kick Out The Jams

    Great stuff Tinman, not sure I’d have the courage to step into the room never mind stand up and read something…

  3. Laughykate

    Tinman ya big pussy, you SO should have read out what you had written- it would have been gold! You are far too good to have denied those people what you wrote. They should have protested.

  4. Tilly Bud

    Well done! A good way to grow as a writer is to put yourself out there with other writers. I hope you will attend more. Why not look around for a local writing group, while you’re at it?

    So what did you earn your halfpenny for?

  5. speccy

    Good on you Tinman- that’s a big step. Next time you’ll clear your throat and share your tale- don’t you publish to complete strangers all over the world several times a week?

    There is a growing demand for the ha’penny story

  6. 68ghia

    I sometimes still wite in longhand – especially in my diary.
    It is a dying skill though!
    Hope you enjoyed the day, and actually learned something 😉

  7. grannymar

    Well done you. I never had the courage to join a group like that. I hate a blank page and still have the fear of ink blots, and crossed out words and sentences. Keep going and maybe you will encourage me and or others to take that step.


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