Alphabet Soup

WordPress’s Daily Post has not gone away.  It no longer suggests daily topics, but it does still have the Weekly Photo Challenge, lots of articles about grammar and, for those of you who find articles about grammar too exciting, a recent post about a comma.

It does also encourage us all to keep writing, occasionally suggesting ways to find things to write about.

One recent suggestion was a lipogram. I had not heard of this (Spellcheck hasn’t either, I’ve just discovered) and it does sound like a kissogram who turns up to celebrate you losing weight (possibly dressed as a cook instead of a policewoman), but it seems that it involves writing something that omits a letter altogether.

Well, I’ve nothing else to say today, so:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lady dog.

That was quite easy, yet WordPress, for some reason, thinks it’s challenging.

Quite bizarre.

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