Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This magnifying glass

belongs to Mrs Tin. I have no idea why she owns it, perhaps she’s a consulting detective in her spare time, it would certainly explain why she keeps telling me that the game is afoot, and why she knows the times of all the trains to Devon.

Anyway, yesterday I had a rant at our former leader, calling him, among other things, an odious little toad.

I don’t regret the post in any way, and in fact here, through Mrs  Tin’s magnifying glass (and it’s far harder to do than I thought it would be), is a photo of the post again, my ode to my contempt and loathing for this dreadful man:

It’s malice, through a looking-glass.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. vivinfrance

    Love the pun. The carnival float that we’re decorating, on the theme of chess, has Alice through the Looking Glass characters as chess pieces. I hope you don’t get into trouble for your candour.

  2. jmgalso

    when my kids were little they would incessantly hand out prizes for “leadership” I thought they should give prizes to us long suffering followers as leaders usually present themselves with enough prizes, or alternatively now we know who they are eliminately before they grow up and cause trouble.


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