Score Draw

This is Miss Ugg (so called because she is wearing Ugg boots, I suppose, they’ve obviously been around a long time, rather like Donkey Jackets) who made an appearance in Thursday’s post.

My Weekly Drawing Challenge is based upon the premise that I can’t draw for toffee (nor indeed draw toffee) and someone like Miss Ugg offers an argument against that premise, with a large club to back up her argument.

Her existence, however, is due to this book:


It is filled with pages like this one:


(as an aside, as I look at that page now I am struck at how quickly, even before she has picked up her bouquet, a bride learns to stand with her hands on her hips).

The book was a Christmas present for Tingirl when she was very small. It was part of a set of three, the other two being Funny Animals and Funny Monsters, and on Saturday afternoons the Tinkids and I would sit (in a quite corner of my local pub, I have to admit, well, we don’t have a McDonalds and the little coffee shops of our town were always too busy to encourage dalliance) and they would swap the books and draw different things while I read the paper.

Then one Saturday, with Valentine’s Day approaching, I noticed this page:


with the cave girl and her mate on it, borrowed that book (one of the Tinkids had to read the paper) and (aw shucks moment coming up) I made a Valentine Card featuring Mrs Tin and I as the cave folk and with a joke obviously so feeble that I genuinely can’t remember it.

It wasn’t perfect, of course. I remember that the me had one leg the width of an elephant’s (of an elephant’s what, I know you’re all too polite to ask) and my club looked like a chicken drumstick, but it was still the best thing I have ever drawn, and that is what reminded me of it yesterday.

I shouldn’t and probably won’t use it for the Drawing Challenge, as it seems like cheating, but occasionally characters might appear to enliven a blog stripped of visual adornments by SOPA, PIPA and their European cousin, ACTA.

And if I ever write a Horror Story called the Bride of Santa I know what to do.


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