Weekly Drawing Challenge: Down

The picture shown to illustrate this week’s Photo Challenge was one taken downwards at a pair of feet, so I think they are talking about the opposite to “up”. Going down (sorry) this route might have led to a picture of a hole


or  perhaps a banana skin:


But as in the old joke, or “that hoary old chestnut”


as such jokes are often called, here is another meaning to the word:


Q. How do you get down off an elephant?


A. You don’t, you get down off a duck.



Ok, you can’t actually get down from a plastic bath-duck but I don’t have a real duck in the room with me at the moment. And the elephant in the room is that I don’t have an elephant in the room either, which is why my effort looks like a pig wearing a snorkel.

But I’m not going to get down (even sorrier) about it. I won’t be like the horse in the even older joke who walks into a bar and the barman says “Why the long face?”


B’dum tish.

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