Weekly Drawing Challenge : Regret

As Tilly Bud said when this week’s challenge was announced “I know what you’re regretting now…”

And she wasn’t wrong. My heart sank like a stone

when I saw the topic.

Still, it wouldn’t be a Challenge if it wasn’t a challenge, so here we go …

This (and I have to admit I’m quite astonished at how uncrap this drawing is)  is a man regretting forgetting to buy his wife a Valentine Card:

I must point out that the above picture is in no way a reflection of life in the Tinhouse. We do not have a dog.

This is a little more esoteric:

It’s a drawing of Napoleon in the snow, regretting invading Russia in wintertime instead of summer.

And finally I offer you all this:

This may look remarkably similar to the drawing above, but it is totally different.

It’s a picture of Edith Piaf, and she isn’t in it, because she ne regrets rien.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Drawing Challenge : Regret

  1. Janie Jones

    Your last two drawings remind me of walking the spud to school yesterday when she was intent on figuring out what happened to the foot prints of the invisible man after the night before’s snowfall.


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