Weekly Drawing Challenge: Ready

I was on the bus when I got the idea of meeting the above challenge by drawing the collection of pencils and markers that I have assembled for this task, all sitting beside patiently beside my computer ready for action. This is what they look like:

I knew that I had exactly the colour red that I would need for the mug. I knew that I had the colours for each of the markers because, well, I had the markers.

I was aware that as I worked there would always be one marker missing from the mug and that I would never remember where exactly to replace it, so that what I was drawing would keep changing. I knew that I would feel as if I were trying to catch a cloud and pin it down.

This caused me to wonder how artists used to paint those battle-scene paintings that take up whole walls in art galleries. They must have painted awfully fast.

I was ready for all of those challenges, though. And genuinely it was only when I sat down in front of the mug that the really big problem occurred to me.

In only my second venture into art I would have to draw Betty Boop.

I doubt that DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa on his second day at the job. I’m say he worked up to her via landscapes, sunflowers and the traditional bowl of fruit. I’m sure that before Warhol painted his Campbells Soup can he practised on tins of dog food, cans of Spam (same thing, really) and pots of Pot Noodle.

But as a mere novice I had to take on one of the most famous women of all time. Not only that (and this is a phrase that I never thought I would ever find myself writing) I would have to take on her bosom.

Anyway, this is my attempt:

You’ll notice that I didn’t bother colouring in the mug. When you have a true superstar in your picture who cares about the background.


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