Membership Badge

Those of you who read the stuff on the sidebar down the right-hand side of this blog, perhaps on the basis that it’s more interesting than the content to its left, will notice that WordPress have produced a new badge reading “I’m Part of Postaday 2012”, with whichI have replaced the 2011 version. I’ve done this somewhat shamefacedly, since this is Day 36 of 2012 and this post, which I hadn’t even written at the time I did it, will only be my 24th, but I’m hoping its presence will help prevent laziness and encourage me to write more.

To counter the embarrassment of using a Badge I’m not yet really entitled to I’ve also decided to use one to which I most definitely am, so I have spent enormous amounts of today creating the Badge below:





Now I just have to remember how to get it onto the sidebar.

(Ok, ignore the last sentence….)


8 thoughts on “Membership Badge

  1. Tilly Bud

    I want one! But I never draw anything, so there’s not much point.

    Can’t you do one that says, ‘I’m part of the devoted bunch following Tinman’s Weekly Drawing Challenge’ ?


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