Weekly Drawing Challenge: Hope

So the Weekly Drawing Challenge begins.

Last year WordPress went for photo topics like “Mountains”, “Flowers” and “Breakfast”.

This year so far they have chosen “Peaceful” and “Simple” and this week they have gone for “Hope”. Clearly they have decided to opt for abstract concepts, and while I can produce abstract drawings as well as Picasso could mine are not generally intended to be so.

Anyway, my first thought was the Hope Diamond, for which I drew this:

I have no idea why I thought it was orange, I just always have.

This whole exercise, though, will be daft(er) unless I make my very best attempt at drawing, so just drawing what I think something might look like won’t do.  Therefore I Googled “Hope Diamond” and it seems that actually it looks like this:

I was surprised to learn that it is blue, though not so surprised to learn that it is apparently cursed. I have been blue myself and know just how it feels.

Anyway, with the above picture modelling for me, here is the Hope Diamond, Take 2:

If you start Googling it one of the suggestions that you get is “Hope Diamond Titanic”. The Hope Diamond was not in fact on the Titanic, as it is now in the Smithsonian and could not have got there unless a cry of “women, children and very large rocks first” went up that night. Some people seem to believe that it is the stone that Rose carried from the ship in the pocket of the coat that she wasn’t given until she got onto the Californian (which would explain why she sat on the raft while Jack clung to the side of it, had they done it the other way round she’d have sunk like, well, a stone).

This, by the way, is the Titanic:

Though unfortunately so is this:

I think that’s enough for this week, I’ve to keep my creative energy for the type of things WordPress are likely to set as future topics, such as “integrity”, “serendipity” or “the human condition”.

Give us back topics like “Breakfast”. At least I can make a dog’s dinner out of that.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Drawing Challenge: Hope

  1. Patti

    Nice work! I like your version of the Hope diamond (the second one). For the first one, I’m wondering what it is about “hope” that makes you think of orange. Not that it’s a bad color. We just got Titanic in the mail through netflix (my daughter wants to watch it). I’ll keep your pictures of it to hold up the the TV for comparison.

  2. Tilly Bud

    I laughed out loud at the second Titanic pic. Brilliant.

    This is going to be your best project yet, Tinman. I can feel it.

    BTW, why did Rose throw the necklace back in the water anyway? I never got that.

  3. Tilly Bud

    Reblogged this on The Laughing Housewife and commented:
    I was reading about Titanic on Tinman’s blog, and I pondered the question that has puzzled me ever since that disastrous night – why did Rose throw the necklace overboard? Had she gone off her granddaughter?
    Another of life’s great mysteries: why is Tinman not a massive star in the blogosphere?
    Read this and then dare to disagree with me.

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  6. Jo

    I’d love to see you buy the ‘Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain’ book and see how good you can really get 🙂

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  8. Kazuko

    “Weekly Drawing Challenge: Hope | Worth Doing Badly” was a delightful blog post, can not
    wait to browse much more of ur posts. Time to spend a lot
    of time on the web haha. Thanks for your effort ,Doyle


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