Doing What You Do

I’ve posted this post after the one before it in the hope that you will read the one before it after it.

No, my medication is fine, thank you, I just reckon that most people will start reading a blog from the top post downwards, so I’d like say this about the post that will come later, or did come sooner (look, if George Lucas can do it with the Star Wars series then so can I).

I made a mistake over the last couple of days. I believed that I was too depressed and unhappy to write, which is what I most love doing.

Then I realised that doing what I most loved doing would leave me too happy to be depressed.

So this morning on the bus I took out my netbook and started on a story for Sidey’s weekend theme. I had no idea where it would go and I didn’t care. It ended up surprising me, as many of my stories do, but that wasn’t what mattered. It took my mind of my (needless) stress and it made me happy.

This is what is important. This is me.

8 thoughts on “Doing What You Do

  1. Jo

    Good stuff. I’m trying to search for the non stress too, it kills us. Also trying to write, but with less stress and more deadline pressure. arg!

  2. A Frend

    What a brilliant win/win. You like writing and it makes you feel better. We love reading what you’ve written! Of course if it made you ill, we’d say to stop writing, but we’d be crying inside. Well, outside, but you wouldn’t be able to see through the intertubes.

  3. elspethc

    Never know what will come out once you go in – or maybe that’s in once out. I read the top one first and always want to read what else you have written, so you are right about readers should read this after, not before, that weekend adventure, even if you wrote it after the flirt with dying. Want to say watch it mate, but I don’t know what’s inside you. write on xx


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