Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Tingirl goes through a lot of shoes.

And I mean that in the literal sense, she manages to create holes in the soles after a very short time. Perhaps she is a fakir, walking on hot coals. Perhaps she water-skis, without skis, behind a speed-boat. Perhaps she is secretly in Riverdance.

Young folk today, you just wouldn’t know what they’d be up to.

Anyway, she needed new shoes for school so yesterday she sent Mrs Tin to buy them. The advantage of this was that she didn’t have to go herself. The disadvantage of this was that her shoes were now being bought by her mother.

Now, there are certain rules pertaining to school shoes. They cannot have high-heels, or peep-toes. They must not have the Nike Swoosh anywhere on them. They are not allowed to be pink.

They must not be in any way attractive. The term “sensible shoes” was invented with school shoes in mind.

As a rule of thumb, if any one of the Sex and the City girls would wear them then they are not suitable.

So Mrs Tin bought these shoes:

She left them outside Tingirl’s door, waiting to see her reaction when she got home from school. She heard the front door open and heard Tingirl, after the briefest of pauses, head into her bedroom (it’s right beside the front door, we live in a bungalow). After a minute or so Tingirl’s door opened for a few seconds, then closed again.

Mrs Tin crept upstairs (yes, yes, bungalow, but there are three steps up from the sitting-room to the hallway and that part of the house is always referred to as “upstairs”). The shoes were still outside Tingirl’s door, but now looked like this:

They are going today to buy shoes together.

10 thoughts on “Walk A Mile In My Shoes

  1. Jo

    Ha, love it. I think Tingirl was asking a bit much, you know. You can have your mother go buy you shoes, but then you have to wear them without complaint. Or you can go buy ’em yourself 🙂

  2. viv blake

    She should have gone with Mrs Tin in the first place: shoes MUST fit properly, and if they don’t, permanently painful feet result.

    My favourite shoes, about 5 years old, are exactly the same as Mrs Tin bought. If the shop won’t take them back, can I have them? Mine are bound to wear out soon!

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