Quiet Afternoon

It is Sunday lunchtime.

It is cold outside, the weather is if not frightful then certainly something that rhymes with it, but here indoors it is lovely and warm. On the radio in the kitchen a lively and interesting conversation is taking place among the guests on the always interesting Marian Finucane show.

In the sitting-room the press of a button on the TV remote would reveal not one but two Premier League soccer matches, one after the other. Saturday’s newspaper is only half-read, you still have Terry Pratchett’s latest book to finish and Game of Thrones to start. The couch is stretched out along the wall, waiting for you to stretch out along it and have your customary Sunday afternoon snooze (no, you’re not getting old, you’re just getting tired).

And where are you? You are sitting in front of an ancient computer that has less memory than a politician at a corruption tribunal, and because you can’t remember what its called you are typing the words “Davy Crockett’s hat“ into Google.

Blogging leads you to the strangest places.


6 thoughts on “Quiet Afternoon

  1. Rose

    I wish my weather was delightful. I’m actually thinking of turning on the air conditioner. It’s only 73 (humid) degrees outside but I was baking so it’s feeling a bit warm inside. I would love a proper winter for a change. Where one could enjoy a nice crackling fire, baking bread and a big pot of home made soup simmering on the stove!


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