Revolving Doors

Picture an old, long-closed hotel. Inside it is dreary, desolate and lonely, with deep black shadows and frightening scurrying sounds in the dark.

Imagine that the only things that work are its revolving doors and that sometimes as you pass the hotel you step into the doors and roundabout yourself in them. You catch brief glimpses of the dark as you whizz merrily by, but you always emerge into the bright sunshine.

Sometimes, though, you get it wrong and find yourself stepping out of the spinning doors into the darkness.

Now imagine that all of this is your brain. Or mine, at any rate.

Too many long days, too many work problems, too little sleep (I work up at three yesterday morning, which would sound absolutely dreadful were it not for this morning, when I woke at ten to two) have made me miss my stop, as it were, so I have stepped out of the doors on the wrong side.

Some people get lost in the dark of the hotel. Some even try to book in. I have always found my way out, and will do so again, although the doors are harder to push from that side.

I am taking next week off (yes, this is only my seventh day back at work after a whole ten days off, what’s your point) to rest and recover. 

It is January, so I am unlikely to feel sunshine on my shoulders, but I will yet again feel sunshine in my mind.

9 thoughts on “Revolving Doors

  1. viv blake

    Tin, you bring so much sunshine into your readers’ lives that it is totally unfair that you should (very briefly, I hope) be in the dark. You are very wise to step aside for a week – you have been working far too hard of late, and the short Christmas break was not enough for you to catch up and re-fill the energy bank. You may find this helps: In any case, relax, let the world go by for a bit, and you will be refreshed.

  2. Elaine

    Sorry to hear you’re in the dark side of the revolving doors at the moment. I hope a week off, relaxing and resting, brings you through to the sunny side again.

  3. Patti

    We’ll be here standing in the doorway, waiting for you to bump into us as you come spinning out on the other side..

  4. Kick Out The Jams

    I feel your pain Tinman, hopefully you step out of the right side of the door next time. Look after yourself – I’m sure the Tinfamily will be giving you lots of support.

  5. A Frend

    Be good to yourself, let other be good to you (I’m sure the Tinfamily is just longing to bring you breakfast in bed) and go for nice walks. That’s my prescription. Walking, particularly somewhere nice like Bray Head, is surprisingly comforting.

  6. Laughykate

    Oh I’m late to this party.Have been on holiday (which is what you sound line you need-a New Zealand summer).Wish you could wrap the Tin Team up and come and visit for some r and r.Look after yourself.


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