How Far?

One of the last Daily Posts, which I never got around to tackling, asked “what’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?”

Already, even from the far side of the world, I can hear Laughykate saying “oh for f**k’s sake, Tinman, don’t”.

Well, the farthest I have ever walked in one day is twenty-five miles, which I did in a charity walk back when I was in the Boy Scouts (about forty-five years ago, back in the last century, in black-and-white).

There you go, LK, I didn’t mention “I will walk five hundred miles” at all.

Oops, sorry.


7 thoughts on “How Far?

  1. Grannymar

    I remember a walk back in the 60s in aid of the ‘Central Remedial Clinic’ in Clontarf. It was lead by the late Jimmy Saville, and went from Middle Abbey Street to Baldoyle Racecourse. Once there we were entertained by Dicky Rock, Sean Dunphy and the Miami Showband. When the fun was over we went in search of a bus, alas, the queue was so long we chose Shanks Mare. It was a long long walk that day.


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