Old Acquaintance

I wrote recently that you know you are getting on in years when one of your children gets called for Jury Duty (it’s been and gone, he didn’t get picked for a case). I can now top that.

You know, as a couple, that you are getting on in years when, although you have three children, you are the only two in the house on New Year’s Eve.

All Tinkids scattered in all directions to parties all over Greystones, leaving Mrs Tin and I alone to watch Jules Holland, do the ten-second countdown and go out into the front garden. We do this each year to watch the fireworks display on the hill behind our house. Fireworks are illegal in Ireland but that has never mattered, as long as there are teenagers with money there will always be a market, even a black one, for things that go “whoosh!” and “schweeee!”, like WordPress congratulating you on finishing a post.

We actually had quite a fun evening watching TV and drinking a cup of kindness (yet), but let me tell you, that peculiar hand-holding thing that you do while singing “Auld Lang Syne” looks even more peculiar if there are only two of you.

I just hope no-one looked in our window as they were passing by, they’d have thought we were Judo-Wrestling.


6 thoughts on “Old Acquaintance

  1. Patti

    For me, watching the 40th Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was quite a trip – since I remember being so excited to see the first one…

    My mind is still reeling from the experience of listening to Justin Bieber sing “Let it be” with Carlos Santana playing back up.

  2. Pseu

    I stayed up until I had seen Sandie Shore on Jools Holland. Amazing legs for someone who sang Puppet on a String in 1967. That must make her….well she was born in 1947

  3. Grannymar

    It was my intention to be in bed and fast asleep long before the bells, but instead of that, I rang in the new year with trips to India and then California vis Skype!


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