This and Tat

It’s a new year, so I’ve decided to re-decorate my blog.

We’ve decided to do this at home this year too, but doing it here is simpler, can be changed easily if I don’t like it and won’t lead to the sort of swear-filled rows normally only heard when a couple try to put together a child’s snooker table on Christmas Eve.

A few days ago I showed a picture of the Bigfoot slippers that Tinson2 bought me for Christmas. It seems only fair (and helps to fill a post) to show you all my other presents. Tinson1 bought me this book:

the idea being that, if I like it, there are five more books in the series (actually, I’ve just re-read that sentence – there are, of course, five more books in the series whether I like it or not).  As it happens, Jmg recommended the series here when I was writing about books to buy for Tingirl and since Jmg has excellent taste (she reads this blog) I’m quite looking forward to it.

Tingirl bought me the last Harry Potter film, which I’ve never seen. I haven’t bothered putting in a photo, I’m sure you all know what Harry Potter looks like. She  also bought this blank notebook:

with (big “awwww!” moment coming up) this inscription inside:



And finally, there is Mrs Tin. She is married to a man who once dyed his hair blue for charity and once dyed it blond for a laugh so she is used to madcap ideas. Anyway, after mere months of persuasion she eventually gave me what I wanted (oh, behave) – this piece of paper:



and so yesterday (and please ignore the weird-looking freckle-thing and the total absence of muscles) I got this:



It’s the only tattoo I’ve ever had, but I got the idea sometime earlier this year and was surprised by how much I came to want it. Tinman is the other me and I wanted to acknowledge that.

And it will keep me blogging, possibly forever.

If I announced that I was stopping after getting that Mrs Tin would kill me.


20 thoughts on “This and Tat

      1. Tinman Post author

        Quite a long time, I’d say, Margo (though if you leave out everything in brackets (a weakness of mine) you could probably do it in about forty-five minutes).

  1. SidevieW

    your tat is cool, now i’m wondering if there is a safe place to put my little avatar. oh yes there is – on my home page.

    ageing saggy skin and tats just don’t go *sob* along with my extreme fear of pain

  2. Jo

    GASP! You did it!!! Wow…! Congratulations! Are you happy with it?

    Your pressies are GREAT. I love the notebook. And I want to read the Game of Thrones… I hear it’s quite racy…

  3. Tinman Post author

    It’s actually not as painful as people had told me (says the man who’s had about fifty blood tests and had his chest cut open twice, so perhaps I’m not the best person to ask).

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  5. jmgalso

    I’m so excited you got Game of Thrones I am up to the last book and the TV series is great too. Our kids gave us an ipad each, me white he black so cool thats a parenting payoff big time so been a bit neglectful of blogging but enjoy the catching up have a great NY and thru i dont like tats yr boy looks kind of cool, dont tell my kids.


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