Long Week

There may not be a lot of posting here for the next couple of days.

My friend GoldenEyes is still out sick and I have huge amounts to do this week. It’s so bad that I’m actually getting the hated train for the week as there is one that can get me in at seven, whereas the earliest bus I can get (in a capital city, in the 21st Century), will only get me in at a quarter to eight.

The problem with getting a train at six is that I’ve to get up at 5.08, and there are two problems with that. One is that, like this morning, you wake up at 3.30 in anticipation, as I did, and end up getting up at 4.20, and writing posts at 4.45.

The other is that you can only get eight hours sleep if you go to bed at 9.08 in the evening, and since I’m getting home at 9.30 this is not easy without reverse time-travel, which is preposterous, or the spell that Hermione Granger did where she could be in two places at once.

I’d try that, but knowing my luck both places I’d end up in would be at work.

9 thoughts on “Long Week

  1. laughykate

    Yack, that wouldn’t work for me at all. Wouldn’t mind it in summer, but winter? Hope it’s not too full on cause nobody wants to be work full on in the festive season.

  2. vivinfrance

    This is preposterous, Tinman. And against EU law! Nobody can be effective working that many hours for weeks. If your employers continue to exploit your renowned good nature, it will be you who’s off sick.

  3. Pseu

    Viv has a point. What line of work are you in? Is it life and death stuff? Or can some of this work load be sidelined until full working capacity is regained?
    I feel a pyramid of need chart should be considered here and a priority exercise of some sort, with a game plan presented to your boss.

    (BTW I love your precision of the timing you require in order to get the 6am train, and am also familiar with the regular waking in the night, in case the alarm doesn’t work and subsequent loss of sleep)

  4. Grannymar

    You take care of yourself, NO job is worth becoming ill for. I know. I caught a bug at work in 2002, it triggered CFS and a heart condition. I am no longer allowed to work and not one from that organisation would think of lifting a phone to see how I am, even though they know I live alone. Not bitter, just stating fact. As you know I am a cheerful and positive person, making the best of my lot.

    Happy Christmas to you and the Tin family.

  5. Elaine

    5.08. Not 5.05 or 5.10. Is it just me, or do other people set their alarms for ’round’ fives?

    Be careful, Tinman, not to burn out and end up not enjoying the festive break.


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