Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

My first photo for this week’s challenge is this:

No, this is not a celebration of Alexander Graham Bell, the man whose invention led us indirectly but inexorably to automated numbered options, the novelty ringtone and people yelling “I’m on the bus” when they are on the bus.

The photo does not celebrate that fact that I was at work at 8.01 this morning, nor the fact that it is Tue, though at least that‘s better than it being Mon. It is the “13 Dec” that is the most important part of the picture, and this next photo (the taking of which has confirmed to the Tinkids that I am mad) may help clear up why:

Today is my birthday.

I am 54 today, and am celebrating the occasion by, well, doing nothing (it is Tue, after all).

So, what’s in store for me over the coming 12 months? To find out I have found a webpage called “Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age” (I love the fact that there is such a page out there, and also the fact that I was so confident that there would be).

I have missed the chance to match the people who achieved stuff at 53, including Robert E. Peary, who reached the North Pole; Walter Hunt, who patented the safety pin; and Beethoven, who completed his Ninth Symphony.

Whereas I slagged off SpellCheck and dyed my hair bright blue, neither of which are quite as impressive.

Now I have to pit myself against this year’s crop, who achieved the following when they were 54:

  • Annie Jump Cannon, who deserves everlasting fame for her name alone, was a dean of women astronomers who became the first person to systematically classify the stars according to spectral type. Since she seems to have this pretty well covered I think I will leave her to it, especially since I tend to classify stars according to films they have appeared in.
  • Henry Jay Heimlich developed his emergency manoeuvre. I have at least learnt how to perform it while on my First-Aid course, and have also learnt something that my instructors do not know. We were taught that it is no longer referred to as the Heimlich Manoeuvre, it is now called the Abdominal Thrust, and that this was because the Heimlich family were demanding royalties every time the name was used, but it seems that this stems from a spoof article in The Onion in 2002.
  • Napoleon abdicated his throne. I’ve streamlined this process by never being on a throne in the first place.
  • And finally (yes, there are only four listed, it seems 54-year-olds are more inclined to have a bit of a sit-down and a nice cup of tea) there is John Locke, who, when he was 54, “began to publish the results of a lifetime of study and thought”.

In other words, he started a blog. I’m miles ahead of him already.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  1. Patti

    I’m so impressed that you are so far ahead of John Locke. Will you continue to publish under Tinman, or will you use a pseudonym in the future?

    And now you’re back to being officially and obviously older than me for 10 months. Happy Birthday!

  2. Tinman Post author

    Thanks Elaine, it is indeed chocolate. As least it was, cake soon becomes past-tense in a house with three kids.

  3. Jo

    Oh, my, happy birthday! How can it be a year already?? It seems like it’s always your birthday! I hope you fit in some celebration. Don’t worry about accomplishing greatness, just aim for good health and happiness and in this turbulent climate, keeping your head above water!

    xx Jo

    Yes. It’s a cake (!)

  4. A Frend

    Belated wishes of many happy returns of the day!

    For most of your life (till three years ago) you shared your birthday with my grandmother, who would have been 101 this week. She was the most intelligent person I’ve ever known, so presumably you’re just as clever.

  5. Janie Jones

    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I’m a little late to the party in wishing you well. But I must say, you have fantastic taste in birth months, and are in excellent company. Hope you had a lovely birthday.


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