What Batman Did Next

WordPress asks us to write a sequel to our favourite movie. Since Die Hard 2 already has two sequels I’m struggling a bit, but here are the sequels to some others, some of which need brief plotlines, some of which are self-explanatory:

A Christmas Carol 2: The Spirit of Christmas Gone. Scrooge and Marley collapses, starting a world-wide banking crisis. Bob Cratchit loses his job, forcing Tiny Tim into fosterhood with his uncle and aunt, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae.

Good Afternoon Vietnam.

Star Wars Episode 7 – Meltdown of the Script. Set between Episodes 4 and 5. Luke discovers that he is his own second cousin.

Two Divorces, Two Affairs, One Being Left For A Woman and Two Happy Marriages for Seven Brothers.

The Sound of Music 2: the X-Factor. Simon Cowell lacerates the VonTrapps’ version of “Smoke on the Water“.

It Happened Again The Following Morning.

Fried White Bread at the Whistle Stop Café. The café has to re-draft its menu for the fast-food generation.

To Kill a Mockingbird 2. Atticus Finch defends the “usual suspects” arrested at the end of Casablanca, gets them off and gets them awarded Rick‘s bar in compensation.

She‘s the Two.

The Pups of the Baskervilles. Sir Henry ends up with eight of the little scamps, in a terrifying tale of all-night barking, savaged postmen and being barred from the local vet’s. Close your eyes during the scene where they lick his face in joy, or you’ll have nightmares for weeks.

Groundhog Day 2: Groundhog Day 1.


11 thoughts on “What Batman Did Next

  1. Pseu

    The Sound of Muzac – (to lift your soul)

    Close Encounters of the First Kind / second kind / fourth kind (ed infinitum)

    When Harry met Sonia / When Harry met Sophie /

    Planet of the Grapes

    Great Expectorations (a phlegmish film)

    (I’ll get me coat)


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