Tangled Web

If your company makes you wear a swipe-card on one of those lanyard-things around your neck, then here is something that you can do if you ever feel that not enough people are staring at you on the bus.

Scarf like this (hat optional)

Keeping the lanyard on as you leave work (you need it to get out the door), wrap your long scarf around your neck in the Tom-Baker-as-Doctor-Who fashion. On route to the bus stop realise that one end of the scarf is trailing longer than the other, protruding from the bottom of your coat with, as the saying goes, hilarious results. Stick that end of your scarf into your trousers pocket to avoid embarrassment. Upon boarding the bus take out your iPod, put the ear-buds into your ears and the iPod itself into your coat pocket.

Then, and only then, decide that it would be a good idea to take off the lanyard.

As an impression of an octopus in a tumble-dryer it’s pretty hard to beat.


4 thoughts on “Tangled Web

    1. Tinman Post author

      I have neither of those two either, nor even a video camera, do your breath will have to remain bated, I’m afraid.


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