In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

I didn’t write a post on Thursday 24th, but I’m counting this one. It will appear as having been posted on Friday 25th, but it’s 1am and as far as I’m concerned that’s still Thursday, Friday begins when my alarm goes off.

This tale really starts on Wednesday, whenever that was. We had a visit from one of those Compliance Officer types that Red Tape (cousin of Red Adair) likes to send along to bother you just when you’re really busy and there are only 21 working days left this year. It was obvious within five minutes to him that we were compliant but he had his little boxes to tick and copies of things to collect, so I spent three hours finding, photocopying and fuming and the second he left I got a really blinding headache. The light hurt, the noise hurt, I spent an hour in front of my computer doing absolutely nothing, so in the end I went home.

I went to bed at six in the evening and slept like a stone. I woke at 4am but I’d had 10 hours sleep so that was no problem. At least not until last night this evening Thursday, when I got home feeling exhausted and so went to bed at nine.

And woke up at midnight.

I’ve been awake for over an hour now, which is why I’m up writing this, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go back to sleep afterwards. Because our Christmas Party is on Friday night (ie, either tonight or tomorrow night depending on what time you call this) and I probably won’t home until about 2 am, so if I don’t go back to sleep I’m looking at a 25-hour day.

And yes, it is ridiculous to have a Christmas Party on November 25th. On the bright side, it’s in the room in the Guinness Storehouse where they poured the pint specially for the Queen when she came to visit last summer, so since I’m off drink at the moment she and I will have refused to drink Guinness in the same room as each other, so I’m thinking of her as a kindred spirit.

Google tells me that, having got up five hours ahead of schedule I an now in the same Time Zone as Uzbekistan, so “Good Morning”, or “Hayirli Tong”, to all my Uzbek readers.

You have to hand it to me. I’m the only person who ever got jet-lag in the comfort of their own home.

7 thoughts on “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

  1. Pseu

    I hope you slept again and remembered to set the alarm, and have therefore again woken, in time for your fun filled office day – and that you feel rested enough to enjoy the party tonight.

    Maybe a lie -in tomorrow morning? 🙂


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