Through the Kitchen Window

They say that people in Ireland and the UK are obsessed with the weather. For you lucky gits readers in Australia, South Africa and California, among other places, these three photographs, taken through the same east-facing window, might help explain why.

This was yesterday morning:

This was last night:

And this was this morning:

The word weather forecasters use for this is “changeable”.

The word we use cannot be repeated.


6 thoughts on “Through the Kitchen Window

  1. laughykate

    Hey Tinman, in Auckland we can get four seasons in a day (ask Crowded House). Torrential rain in the morning doesn’t mean you need to cancel the barbeque. However the same cannot be generalised of Christchurch – if Mother Nature wakes up in a foul mood, generally she’ll stay that way for the day. (And then when she gets really poopy she’ll throw in an earthquake.)

    I have to say I am bewitched by the weather (it’s going to be 17 for us tomorrow, 14 for you).

  2. vivinfrance

    If you don’t like the weather here, wait ten minutes. But exceptionally, today the sun shone brightly from the moment we started driving East this morning to the end of our return journey Westwards at sunset. Result, a headache! Am I never satisfied?

  3. Patti

    I think I really need to bring my daughter to Ireland for vacation. She revels in the clouds and damp and complains bitterly that we don’t get enough of it.

  4. Janie Jones

    I know what you mean, yesterday afternoon I left for school and it was clear and sunny. By the time I got to school it was cloudy and rainy. After my first class it was sunny and clear. After my last class it was windy and sleeting as I drove home. However, by the time I got home the sleet was gone and the stars were out.

    Gotta love the weather here. If you don’t, just wait a minute, it’ll change.


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