Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility and Opportunity

Last week’s Photo Challenge was “Possibility.” I took this photo on Friday, just before I took the written part of my First-Aid exam:

and I was going to suggest that it offered three possibilities:

  1. That I would pass;
  2. That I would fail;
  3. That either the trainer or one of my workmates would ask me why I was taking a picture of a blank exam paper, and would I like a bit of a lie-down and some medical treatment from a room full of First-Aiders.

Anyway, I decided that you’d all had enough about me going on about the First-Aid course and wouldn’t appreciate another post about it, so I chickened out.

That was then, this is now, it’s nearly a week since I mentioned the course so I reckon you can handle it now (Did I mention that I passed? Can I mention it again?), hence the photograph above.

This week’s challenge is “Opportunity”, which seems pretty similar, so I’m doing the two together. Today I was at a course (don’t worry, it was related to work, it had nothing to do with First-Aid and I’m not going to write about it) which ended at 4.30, which meant that I was in a part of Dublin that I’m not often in at a time that I’m not often out, and it gave me the opportunity to take this:

People who know Dublin will know that it’s the Custom House. People in the UK may think “that looks a bit familiar”. If you do, watch out for the Guinness “snow at Christmas” ad, the one that ends with “even in the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one” (it’s October, they should start showing it any day now). The ad starts with a man walking his dog, then looking at his watch and seeing the 24 change to a 25, and that’s the building he’s walking past.

For those of you not from here or the UK who are feeling a bit left out, the building was designed by James Gandon. Until I checked it about five minutes ago I thought he had also designed the White House. He didn’t. He also didn’t design the Sydney Opera House, Ellis Park In Johannesburg or the Beehive Building in Wellington, but I’m sure he was thinking of you all when he wasn’t designing them.

Anyway, I walked around a corner, saw the building in the sunshine, saw it’s reflection in the river and straight away thought “wow, I have to take a picture of that”. I wasn’t thinking of my blog, or photo challenges, or anything else.

I think it’s the final proof that this Weekly Challenge, which I started doing as a joke, has turned me into a photographer.

(PS. Apologies to any of you who came here within the past hour and discovered that there was no actual picture of the Custom House in the post. I may now be a photographer, but it still doesn’t stop me being an idiot).


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility and Opportunity

  1. bluebee

    Congrats on passing, Tinman
    And on that great photo – the lines of the perspective sweep the eye across the entire building and the reflection in the water balances it perfectly

  2. vivinfrance

    Great news that you passed. Congrats. And beautiful pic of the Custom House. Weren’t you lucky to have a camera with you! Mine is usually sitting on the hall table while I’m out oohing and ahing at some lovely site, unable to record it.

      1. Tinman Post author

        I took it with my mobile phone, Viv, I don’t have a camera. That was why I started doing the weekly challenge, as a bit of a laugh, and i promised that every picture, every week, would be taken on my mobile.

  3. Patti

    I thought maybe there was some deeper meaning about your development as a photographer – but I’m glad I came back – the photo was definitely worth waiting for.


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