Unacquired Taste

On a lazy Sunday evening, why not pick a lazy WordPress topic:

“Name a food you used to like – what changed?”

There was a time was I used to like Heinz Baby Food. The particular product shown here is Heinz Chicken & Vegetable Paella, which just shows how up themselves modern babies have become. I am pretty sure that the word “paella” did not even exist in 1958/59, which was when I would first have started my love affair with Heinz baby products. I was most probably fed on Heinz Boiled Bacon & Cabbage, or perhaps Heinz Mashed Potato and Leftovers.

My preferred method of eating it was by spoon, preferable proffered to me by my mum. I would suck a tiny amount off the very edge of the spoon and then by moving my lips rapidly in a kissing motion I would manage to paint this over the area between my mouth and my chin. Clever use of a clenched baby fist would often then spread this onto the rest of my face and into my hair.

Attempts to persuade me that the spoon was in fact an airplane carrying the food on a flight path that began behind my mum’s head might occasionally persuade me to open my mouth (possibly in amazement at the sheer ludicrousness of the idea) wide enough for a whole spoonful to be inserted. This would promptly be dribbled out onto my bib. Suggestions that we have “one spoon for Tinmum, one for Tinman” (the original “shared lunch”) generally ended up with my mother eating the entire jar.

How I didn’t starve is a mystery. Perhaps I absorbed the food through the pores on my face.

And what changed? Well, the discovery of Rice Krispies, toast and marmalade, Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup, jam sandwiches, sugar sandwiches (buttered white bread with sugar poured onto it, possibly the most unhealthy food ever created), chocolate, strawberries, Battenburg cake, bananas, honey, Sugar Puffs, Jacob’s Mikado biscuits (if you’re not Irish that’ll mean nothing to you) and the 99 ice-cream cone.

And as I got older, I suppose, stuff like chicken & vegetable paella.


9 thoughts on “Unacquired Taste

  1. Jo

    Heh, I love your last line. People are doing ‘baby-led weaning’ now. Basically you let them grab and choke on whatever they want – no mush involved. I was quite a fan of my organic, hand made mushes, though.

  2. Pseu

    reminds me of the famous sketch…Spitting Image

    [Margaret Thatcher is treating her Cabinet to a meal at a restaurant.]
    Waitress: Would you like to order, sir?
    Thatcher: Yes. I will have the steak.
    Waitress: How would you like it?
    Thatcher: Oh, raw, please.
    Waitress: And what about the Vegetables?
    Thatcher: Oh, they’ll [The Cabinet] have the same as me!

  3. vivinfrance

    Those Heinz things were yukky. It was so easy to provide proper food, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
    Tinman you must be the same age as my kids! When I was a baby my Mum cooked and sieved some brains for me, leaving them on the draining board to cool. My Dad threw them away thinking it was rubbish, and my Mum was heartbroken.

  4. adeeyoyo

    My sister and I never enjoyed any food and were as thin as rakes until in our 20’s. We would outsit our parents at table and then, when they excused themselves, we would scrape our plates out the window into the flower bed below. We both looked like we came from Belsen. When, and if, I find any photo’s I’ll post them, lol!

  5. Janie Jones

    Sugar sandwiches have nothing on grape jelly and cream cheese sandwiches. They sound hideous, they look hideous and surprisingly they taste less hideous than one would think. Still, I think I’d rather pass in favor of sugar sandwiches. They remind me of my favorite way to eat hot pancakes: with lots of gooey melted butter and sugar. Yumm. If I didn’t have so much studying to avoid by reading blogs I’d be off to the kitchen to whip some up.


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