Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I took photos for this challenge earlier in the week, and yesterday I wrote the libretto, if you like, that was to go with them. The whole thing was quite convoluted, the pictures included one of a building, one of a Guinness bar-tap and one of a bottle of Lucozade, and on the whole I had decided to re-write the whole thing before I posted it.

Then I had one of the worst days of derealisation that I’ve had since the whole thing began. I got really down about it, so when I got home I just scrapped the load of rubbish I’d written and went to bed early.

So I had reckoned that I wouldn’t have a “Comfort” entry in my portfolio when I go for Photographer of the Year, but fate and my own stupidity have provided me with one.

I woke this morning with a pain down the right-hand side of my neck. It got more and more sore as the morning went on, we had run out of the gel that you can rub in, the nearest pharmacy is just slightly too far away to walk to when you’ve a pain in your neck and are feeling sorry for yourself, and Mrs Tin had gone out with the car.

I had to find a way to provide some comfort. So I got a dry, clean facecloth, folded it in four, put it into a cereal bowl (I really have no idea why I did that part) and, as I’m sure you all would have done in similar circumstances, I microwaved it.

This was the result:

I hid the evidence of the burnt smell by opening the kitchen window and hid the evidence of the toasted facecloth by sticking it in the pocket of my hoodie, where it remains as I type.

The good news is that its heat did a wonderful job of giving me comfort from the pain in my neck.

The bad news is that at some stage I will have to tell Mrs Tin what her Pain in the Neck has done this time.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. kateshrewsday

    Flannels are a small price to pay for comfort, Tinman. Have you tried those wheat n lavender neck swathes you can put in the microwave? Really effective….sooooo comforting….

  2. Jo

    Aw, it’s only a facecloth. And a good idea. You can get lovely proper warmy things for the microwave with cheery stones in them or what have you. I recommend one. 🙂 Heat is wonderful, such a good pain reliever. And comforter.

    Sorry about the bad day.

  3. Patti

    Next time, dampen the washcloth to keep it from toasting. But then it would make your pocket wet if you stowed it in your hoodie.

    1. vivinfrance

      No it wouldn’t – the microwave would have dried it. But the lavender/wheat bags are wonderful – mine is in pretty constant use.

      Sorry about the pain in the neck, Tinman.

  4. Tilly Bud

    Sorry to hear about the derealisation.

    Here’s something you may not realise: you have a whole army of Tinmanettes! Look at these comments: all women 🙂

  5. speccy

    Tinmanettes! Brilliant, Tilly. Are we all to get age appropriate cheerleader outfits 🙂

    Tinman, I’m sorry to say I have no helpful, encouraging comments. I’m too busy laughing.

    Keep well my friend.

  6. adeeyoyo

    Wholewheat bags are the answer. I made quite a few for friends and for myself. I added a couple of cloves to each to give them a lovely scent. You can microwave them for some uses or freeze them for swellings. Excellent.

  7. Tinman Post author

    Thank you all, Tinmanettes (Tilly’s idea, not mine) for your suggestions. I got to try the damp facecloth one today when, believe it or not, i had a pain on the other side of my neck.

    My way is slightly more effective, but less destructive.

  8. Janie Jones

    Sorry to hear about the pain in Mrs Tin’s neck, as well as yours. Here’s a simple solution for next time. Take a clean athletic sock made primarily from cotton, one of those older ones whose mate is apparently lost in the Bermuda Triangle of the laundry room will work fine provided it’s not full of holes. Fill the sock up with regular rice, not the instant rice. Tie off the end. When you have a sore stiff neck, microwave the “rice sock” for 30-120 seconds depending on the power of your microwave, the amount of rice in your sock, and the amount of heat you want. Apply to neck. A regular towel placed over it will help keep the heat in longer. The beauty of the rice sock is that it is flexible and will conform to your neck. It also provides a gentle pressure which can feel nice too. A rice sock can be reused many times, you’ll know it needs to be replaced when the rice won’t hold heat anymore. We are huge fans of the rice sock in the Jones household.


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