Trying Times

They say that one of the telltale signs of age is how all the policemen seem to be getting younger. I can top that.

One of the real telltale signs of age is when your son gets called for jury duty.

A interesting official-looking letter arrived for Tinson1 yesterday while he was at college, and by sliding around the window on the front of the envelope we were able to determine that he had received such a summons. This ensured that we were all gathered around to watch his dumbfounded reaction when he opened it.

It’s only in the Circuit Court so he won’t be doing a murder trial or anything, but on December 7th some person accused of of theft/affray/knocking off a policeman’s hat/failing to indicate when leaving a roundabout (ok, the last one is not actually a crime, but it should be) will have his fate partly decided by a young man who less than a decade ago needed velcro to keep his shoes on.

On the bright side for the defendant, as some of you will remember Tinson1 was baton-charged by the police during a student march last year, so unless said defendant actually says “ok yes, I did it” there’s a fair chance that Tinson1 will vote to acquit him.


7 thoughts on “Trying Times

  1. speccy

    I have this wonderful vision of you all bursting with excitement as you were waiting for him to come home. Presumably his opening word when faced with all the expectant faces was ‘What?’

  2. Tinman Post author

    I did it about fifteen years ago, in a case about a guy who was charged with receiving a stolen generator. It wasn’t hard, the generator had been stolen, he was found using it. It was his first ever offence so we happily convicted him, then read in the local paper later that he was given two years in jail.

    I tend to keep quiet about it, because he was the uncle of a guy I now know from my local pub.

    And Mrs Tin’s with you Tilly, she’s raging that Tinson1’s been called and she never has.


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